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Online Admission Portal

One of the greatest advantages of online application system is that applicants can choose to submit their applications at their convenience.
All that is required is access to a computer and internet connectivity.
The acknowledgement is almost immediate and the system user-friendly. Online admission makes it easy and convenient for prospective students to apply for various programs offered by colleges and universities during the admission cycle.
By incorporating next generation features and functionality in admission process, the cloud and mobile based admission system enable students to submit forms, upload documents, track application status, register for assessment tests, view test scores and pay registration fees.

Powerful communication, collaboration and automation tools enable administrators in higher education institutes to track application history and status, send automatic email alerts and reminders across website and mobile devices, to send relevant and personalized information as they apply online, get shortlisted for assessment tests and interviews and selected to courses.
Cloud and mobile based admission management system is better at capturing, processing, and managing student information because automation is going to do exactly what you need every day.

What elevates a good institution into the realm of academic greatness? Delivering great results rather than simply good institution offer significant long-term benefits in student enrollment, retention and success.
With educational institutions competing to maximize student enrollment, the opportunity is ripe for educators meet and exceed expectations of students and faculty with online admission software, and ensure high return on their investment.
Amaziah Software is well known globally for maintaining quality customer relationships.
Our portal is cost effective, efficient and simple and Our software applications are based on the needs of our customers.
As a socially responsible company we cannot neglect education. So we have an upraded admission portal where colleges and individual look forward for their admission challenges and solve it.

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