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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an integrated software system used to consolidate all the functions of an organization into a uniform and enterprise-wide environment.
ERP systems enable the flow of information and combines Sales, Purchasing ,Financials, Resources, People and processes into one central database.

Benefits of ERP

1. Higher productivity
2. Better insights.
3. Accelerated reporting.
4. Lower Risk.
5. Simpler IT.
6. Improved Agility.
7. Improve accuracy on financial data.
8. Facilitate excellent project plans.
9. Reduce redundant tasks.
10. Standardize critical business procedures.

Amaziah Software is well known in IT Industry as well as Corporate Sectors where we have been providing ERP Service in domains like supply & Chain Management, Manufacturing, Human Resource, Colleges & Universities.
The purpose of a ERP Software is to increase efficiently, streamline processes and promote a culture collaboration in the organization.
It increases operational flexibility.
ERP allows to make accurate forecasts.

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