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Web & Graphic Design

Web design is the process of creating websites.
It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production and Graphic design.
Web graphic designers create determine font colour, font type, logos pictures and other and verbal aspects of a website.

Web graphic designers have to possess a keen eye for detail.
The ability to express creative ideas is crucial. A web graphic designer has to understand a target audience and how best to reach that audience through artistic work.

8 verticles of graphic design:

(1) Visual identity graphic design (2) Marketing & advertising graphic design
Applicability in : (a) Postcards & fliers
(b) Posters , banners & billboards
(c) Magazine & Newspaper Ads
(3) User interface graphic design
Applicability in : (a) Web page design
(b) Theme design
(c) Game interfaces
(4) Publication graphic design
Applicability in : (a) Newspapers
(b) Newsletters
(c) Directories
(5) Motion graphic design
Applicability in : (a) Animated logos
(b) Promotional Videos
(c) Tutorial Videos
(6) Packaging graphic design
(7) Environmental graphic design
Applicability in : (a) Signage
(b) Office branding
(c) Event in conference spaces
(8) Art & illustration for graphic design
Applicability in : (a) T-Shirt design
(b) Comic books
(c) Picture books

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